Homewares at Lake Leather: Animal Skins, Rugs, Floor Coverings, Wall Hangings & Cushions

Lake Leather is renowned for its quality leather goods – footwear and accessories – but did you know we stock a good selection of hides and hide products for your home, too, as animal skin rugs australia? We have a great selection of cow hides, sheepskins and other animal skins for use as rugs, draped over furniture and wall hangings, as well as hide cushions, pillows and blankets.


animal skin rugs australia - cowhides

Cowhides are the skins of cows that differ from normal leather by having their original hair left on during the tanning process. Cowhides are beautiful, full of authentic warmth and colour, and are a versatile addition to any home or office. As an entire skin they can be used laid flat on the floor as rugs or hung as unique wall hangings. They can be made into patchwork rugs, cushion covers, or even used to upholster furniture and accessories for the home. Sometimes we use cowhide to make bags and purses and it can even be used to make footwear for the fashion industry. These are all part of our animal skin rugs Australia.


animal skin rugs australia - sheepskin

Sheepskin is the hide of a sheep, which unlike normal leather, has been tanned to leave the fleece fibres attached to the skin. Sheepskins have excellent insulating properties, naturally wick moisture away, are resistant to fire and the build-up of static electricity. Sheepskins are used for many purposes, simply for their beauty in the home, for footwear and clothing, hats and gloves, for car seat covers and other upholstery uses, numnahs, girth sleeves and many other uses for equestrian pastimes, baby rugs and pads for those who are bedridden. Sheepskins are naturally hypoallergenic, malleable and made from a waste product of the meat industry, making them the ideal material with which to make many and varied products.

sheepskin slippers, ugg boots & scuffs

Sheepskins are available in many forms: for instance, with long straight fibres from merino sheep, short curly wool from border Leicester sheep, natural coloured, dyed, clipped hides called shearling…the varieties are endless for our animal skin rugs Australia. We stock lots of different types and will be able to help you find just the right luxurious addition to your home.

Mongolian sheepskin

mongolian sheepskin cushions

These beautiful skins are becoming more and more popular. They feature a long and fine wool fibre with a distinctive crimp. They are as soft and delicate as angel’s hair and make a glorious addition to any home. They come from sheep who roam the rugged landscapes of east Asian countries which makes the fibres as toasty warm as they are durable. They come in an array of dyed colours to suit any décor and will add a touch of opulence to your home. The long fibres are gorgeous to run your fingers through. A word of warning though; don’t use a brush to untangle the fibres as they will turn into fluff, use a comb. If you do end up a bit fluffy they can be reconditioned with a light mist of water, so don’t panic!


reindeer furniture covering & wall hanging

The pinnacle of luxury when it comes to the home, reindeer skins are designed by nature to withstand the harshest of natural environments. The fur fibres of a reindeer hide are hollow, which gives them their natural insulating properties. The hollow fibres trap air in the coat making the fur a naturally insulating barrier to the arctic cold and biting winds. This makes the coat fibres somewhat brittle. As such, they are not suitable for use as floor rugs; the weight of a person concentrated on the foot is enough to break the fur fibres and cause the skin to shed. They do, however, make one of the most delicious and stylish throws or toppers to nestle into on your favourite chair or on the end of your bed. The thick under coat gives these hides a sumptuousness that is unrivalled. They come in a range of colours from pure white to dark, smoky hides toned with bands of light and dark. These really are one of nature’s most delightful creations. The reindeer hides we stock at Lake Leather are from reindeer farmed in Scandinavia for their meat. These deer are part of the traditional national cuisine of the countries of the arctic circle.


zebra rugs & floor coverings

We are lucky to have a few zebra skins here at Lake Leather. At first, we were concerned about having these exotic skins in-store. We understand why people can find them confronting. The skins are brought into Tasmania by a local guy who is involved with a lodge in South Africa. The lodges main interest is in rhino conservation, so we can wholeheartedly support them. For our animal skin rugs Australia, over here, the animals that get into farmers paddocks and eat their fodder are deer and wallaby, making themselves pests. In South Africa these animals are zebra and other creatures that, to us, are rather exotic. We have all seen documentaries about the African savannah and seen the enormous herds of zebra and wildebeest wandering the plains. As such, we have reconciled our concerns about these zebra skins, and realised that the rare and endangered rhino are in need of protection. We are glad to support this lodge in their efforts to save them. The zebra skins are incredible with their natural markings and really do look amazing. They are very striking, especially when teamed with neutral tones and sleek lines of modern architecture, as you can see in the image here.


springbok rugs, floor coverings & wall hangings

From the same source as the zebra skins, we have a small selection of springbok skins and cushions available. They have amazing natural markings designed by mother nature to disguise them from the predators who hunt them. They have a distinctive mohawk tail which hides in the coat until it is rippled, as shown in the picture. The skins are very pretty and make an attractive and exotic addition to your home. Springbok skins are often used in the fashion industry to create unique bags and accessories, too.