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Before it was settled North Hobart housed a quarry and lime kilns between what is now Lochner and Brown Street. It was also a favourite camping haunt for bushrangers Martin Cash and Matthew Brady. 

In about the 1830's a real spurt of development occurred and a number of market gardens emerged to feed the town proper.

50 years or so later, acting on medical advice, Mr. Joshua Tovell Soundy came to Tasmania from England and laid the foundation for a small drapery business in the basement of a cottage on Elizabeth Street, North Hobart.

The growth of his business is a compelling narrative of diligent effort and a gradual evolution.

In a transformative moment, the subdivision of a sprawling orchard on Strahan Street paved the way for Mr. Soundy to acquire two large blocks, enabling the expansion of his drapery business.

It wasn't long before the Soundy building took shape, becoming a prominent landmark in the community, symbolising the remarkable journey of a local business that has woven its legacy into the very fabric of the region.

Today, Lake Leather sits on the corner of both Elizabeth and Strahan Streets, in that very same, iconic, Soundy building; anchoring its place as a cherished Tasmanian retail institution. Proud to continue the tradition of locally owned and operated businesses, Lake Leather stands as a testament to the vision and passion of its own dedicated Tasmanian businesswoman.



Open 6 days | Mon - Sat | 9:30am - 4:30pm 

367 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart

Tasmania, 7000

 Ph: 03 62787154