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Our People

The Lake Leather Team Today

Georgie Wilkinson- The Owner

Georgie joined the Lake Leather team in 2008 shortly after moving to Tasmania to be near her family. An English girl of Tasmanian heritage, Georgie is a qualified saddler, having studied for two years with the esteemed Society of Master Saddlers in London.  Starting with just two days a week as shop girl, Georgie has moved up the ranks, managing the shops for a number of years before finally buying the business in 2018. Georgie brings a quality education in leather craft and some great knowledge of how to care for and create leather goods to the team.  As the new owner, Georgie is enjoying  growing and developing the business. Starting with the exciting launch of in 2019, the development of our own sheepskin slipper making business and the ongoing development of our leather bag brand.  The business is thriving under her stewardship.  The future looks bright for Lake Leather.


Katee Bullman- The Manager

Katee first joined the LL team at an off-site field day.  She impressed Georgie with her work ethic and how swiftly she learnt all the names and details of the goods on sale.  She was offered a job soon afterwards and has been a key member of the team ever since.  As a local girl brought up in Evandale she brings great local knowledge and a big smile to her work.  She spends her time between the Evandale and Campbell Town sites, making sure everything is running smoothly.  Katee has been manager for over a year and it is great to watch her grow and thrive in her role.  Her insights into the way the shop is trading is highly valued by Georgie and she is a kind and caring manager for the shop staff.


Louise Davis- Evandale 

Louise is a new member of the Evandale staff who has brought a passion for retail and customer service to the team. Lou is a bit of a workaholic.  If not at Lake Leather, you might find Lou bringing her bright personality at a local purveyor of scented candles or at a country retail store in another favourite village destination for shopping- Deloraine.  Louise has brought a keen interest in visual merchandising and superb customer service to the team, and is quickly becoming a highly valued member of the team.


Kate Cosker- Evandale

Kate is another new member of the Evandale team.  She lives on a farm with her partner and two small(ish) children.  Kate is a spitfire when it comes to getting on with the behind the scenes work and has a strong interest in the stock management side of things.  Her indomitable spirit and let's-get-it-done attitude to daunting tasks is a boon for the LL team, while her fun and sunny disposition make her a favourite with customers in-store at the Evandale shop.


Sharon Hayne- Campbell Town

Sharon brings a ray of light and laughter to the Campbell Town team. Hailing from Campbell Town, Sharon is good for some local insider knowledge for visitors, and knows all the best places to score a great coffee and how best to while away some time in historic Campbell Town.  She is always willing to go above-and-beyond the call of duty for customers and her colleagues, making her a popular staff member with locals, visitors and the rest of the team.


Issy Belien- Campbell Town 

Issy is our resident Viking. Having settled in Campbell Town from Belgium, Issy and her husband have a small holding in town where they raise goats and grow the most beautiful flowers.  They make natural products from their produce, from tanning their own goatskins to handmade organic goats’ milk soap. Issy has a flower stall outside the CT shop where you can buy the prettiest bouquet you've ever seen in real life! She is a gentle soul who cherishes all things natural, while her fastidious nature and incredible work ethic makes her a highly valued member of the Campbell Town team.


Lousie Gaffey- Campbell Town 

Louise brings to work a bright and bold personality and an enthusiasm that is second to none.  She hosts a highly regarded bed and breakfast in the heritage village of Ross, just down the road.  She brings her bubbly nature to work in Lake Leather and is always happy to help customers find what they're after.  You are bound to have so much fun shopping with Louise helping you out.  Her big smile and keen attitude are much valued on the team and by customers from near and far.


Meredith Sproule- Strahan

Meredith joined the Strahan team shortly after opening in 2022.  She is quick witted and intelligent, and rightfully prides herself on her deep product knowledge.  In her past she has been a keen debater and the lead singer of a band, giving her a bold voice that is not to underestimated.  Meredith and her husband moved to Strahan from Sydney in 2019, living to up to the old saying that you only come to Tassie twice- once for a holiday and again when you move here.  Meredith has settled into the west coast well, enjoying the vibrant village life and the wild ruggedness of Strahan and the surrounds.


Shiralee Rigby- The Workshop

Shirl joined the team soon after the opening of our slipper making workshop, just as covid was turning the world on it's head.  She had never worked in leather craft before, but has an incredible work ethic that would be hard to beat.  She is a keen learner and is great at getting on with any job you can think to give her.  She has become a great and highly valued addition to the workshop team.  Whether it be cutting out, developing designs or ensuring customer orders are made in a timely fashion.  She has shown great aptitude while learning to sew on our industrial machines and is a delight to have in the workshop.

Ian Lake- The Founder

Hailing from New South Wales, as a young man Ian would spend his days travelling up and down the east coast of Australia. He would set up a table in the shade on the edge of the beach and make belts and dog collars in between surfing. He would frequent the coastal country markets at the weekends, selling his handmade leather goods to discerning market goers.  He says markets are a great place for crafts people to start. “It teaches you how to sell and it teaches you what people are looking for and what they want, straight across the table; ‘No, this is too dear’ or ‘Oh, this is good value’ or whatever”. We have tried to stay true to these roots, working hard to maintain an authenticity – searching for good quality, style and value for our customers.

The business changed hands in 2018, being sold to long-term employee Georgie Wilkinson.  She has worked at Lake Leather since she emigrated to Tasmania in 2007. She has a background in saddlery and harness making, bringing a world-class education in leather craft and care from the Society of Master saddlers to her role in the shop.