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Gran’s Remedy


Effective treatment for smelly feet and footwear!

Feet are one of the parts of the body that perspire the most. Each foot can make as much as a pint of sweat each day. Sweat has no odour itself, being made primarily of water and salt, with some other bits thrown in for good measure, like urea, lactate, ammonia and minerals. As we know, sweat is produced by the body to keep it cool.

It is the bacteria that live on the sweat and dead skin cells that make the odour associated with smelly feet. The smell is the organic compounds excreted by the bacteria as they go about their lives.

Shoes make the perfect environment for bacteria: warm, dark, moist and full of food. Gran’s Remedy is a proven way of stopping the build-up of bacteria. It leaves both your shoes and feet smelling fresh again.

Smelly feet can be embarrassing and cause stress (and distress) to yourself or to the people around you.

In summer, it is just plain hot, so your feet sweat; in winter, closed boots and warm woolly socks keep them toasty, but make your feet sweat.

Sprinkle Gran’s Remedy in your shoes – as directed on the tub – and this incredible product will completely solve your problem. Not only does it kill all the known bacteria and fungi that cause foot odour, it also helps reduce perspiration to make the environment even more inhospitable to those pesky little critters that have been making your shoes and feet smell.

Manufactured in New Zealand, Gran's Remedy Foot Powder has been the market leader in its category for many years. New Zealand retail sales exceed $1 million dollars (NZ) p.a..

Using a traditional remedy handed down through the generations, Gran's Remedy today is a leader in the development of Smelly Feet and Footwear products. From humble beginnings in 1982, when the first batches of Gran’s Remedy were hand made in a sterilized mixer, Gran's Remedy has grown to distribute over 1.5 million units of its famous powder variants throughout the world. 

This product is truly amazing!  Lake Leather is the only place in Tasmania you can purchase this fine product.  Drop in, or contact our bricks-and-mortar stores in Evandale (03 63918888) or Campbell Town (03 63811414) to find out more.  At only $24.95 each, this is a great buy.  It has saved more than one friendship and family bond in our life, maybe Gran's can do the same for you.

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