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The Tasmanian Slipper Company

Every Tasmanian knows the joy of warm fluffy slippers in autumn and winter to keep your cold feet toasty on a frosty morning. They are not only an iconic piece of Australian footwear, they are a staple for about the house for people of all ages.

 A pair of sheepskin boots are a practical, stylish and essential part of your shoe collection. Lake Leather's own made-on-site brand of sheepskin boots and slippers- 'The Tasmaian Slipper Company' -make sheepskin slippers for men and women.  They are made in Evandale, Tasmania, from 100% real Australian sheepskin.  Sheepskin is naturally insulating, breathable, and wicks moisture away from the wearer's skin and into the fibres. Sheepskin and wool can hold between 30 and 36 percent of its own weight in moisture.

Previously made in Melbourne under the name Cherokee Starlight, Lake Leather has sold the slippers made on this machinery for over thirty years. When the original manufacturers retired, they offered Lake Leather the opportunity to purchase the machinery and equipment to continue their legacy.  Behold, The Tasmanian Slipper Company is born!

The machinery was installed in the garage at the Evandale site, now known to all as 'the slipper factory', promising to be an exciting new chapter in Lake Leather’s life.  With their love of developing new skills and growing as a business this has been an exciting addition to the business.  With no-one on the team having done this before, they were thrilled to be learning a new tradecraft and adding another line to their on-site production.

The specialised slipper machinery will compliment the on-site workshop that has been active for the past ten years. Now Lake Leather are not just producing bags, belts, purses, aprons and much more on-site, but their very own range of sheepskin slippers boots and slides too.

The workshop team have come a long way since first sitting down and having a red hot crack at making some slippers, gradually honing their technique so now they are consistently producing good quality slippers that you should definitely get your feet into.