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Evandale is one of the most historically preserved towns in Tasmania, and one of the best examples in Australia. Its late-Georgian and early-Victorian buildings, with comparatively untouched views of the streets, provide a unique window into Australia's past - including our genuine leather goods store, Lake Leather - with a number of the town buildings dating back to 1809.

Originally established as a military post in 1811, the town is situated on the South Esk river 20km from Launceston, and 5km from the main highway and Launceston airport.

Named for Tasmania’s first surveyor general – GW Evans in 1836, Evandale boasts National Trust Heritage as a Georgian Village and, each February, it plays host to the International Penny Farthing Championships, an annual penny farthing race event with the village fair, where competitors come from all over the world to race their bikes.

Evandale is the birthplace of the most highly decorated soldier in the entire commonwealth army in WW1- Harry Murray. Other notable former residents include famous painter John Glover who lived nearby at Patterdale in Deddington. The Glover Art Prize – held annually in the village – is one of the richest landscape art prizes in Australia.

The town also contains many historic buildings – including: Blenheim, Fall Grove, Soloman House, The Clarendon Arms and two St Andrews churches (one a Uniting Church and one Presbyterian). Clarendon House is only 10km away from the village and is one of the best examples of Georgian architecture in Australia.

Every Sunday there is a quaint village market and, whether you are there on a Sunday or any other day of the week, delightful untouched village streetscapes greet you, with unique shops and eateries such as: Ingleside Bakery, Evandale Village Store, Wattlebird, Handmark Gallery, Clarendon Arms Hotel and Lake Leather.

Interestingly, the town was once home to John Kelly, whose son was the famous bushranger Ned Kelly.



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