• Summer at Lake Leather

    Well, geewhiz! Hasn’t the season come upon us quickly?!  Can you believe we are in summer already?  The spring has been long and mild with some early hot days, a promise of a good hot summer to come.
  • So What Is Leather?

    Simply, leather is the skin of an animal which has been treated to make it resistant to putrification through the process of tanning. Most leather products in Australia are made from the hides of cows, but virtually any skin can be tanned. Other commonly used leathers are lambskin and sheepskin from sheep, pigskin from pigs, and kidskin and goatskin from goats. You will also regularly see deerskin, buffalo hide, camel hide and many others.
  • Winter at Lake Leather

    We are more than halfway through 2020 and heading towards the tail end of winter already. Lake Leather’s back garden is full of spring bulbs making an early start already, heralding the promise of spring; new life and new beginnings.