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Studio Koak - Pod - Women's Metallised Nigella Pod Necklace

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Electroformed Nigella seed pod on a long leather thong: wearable art.

Electroforming is a process that takes skill and precision, and lots of time.  This piece, made in Tasmania by Studio Koak, is organic in form and striking in appearance.  That is because encased inside the metal outer layer is the piece of nature that gives the metal its form- here the seed pod from a Nigella flower.  Each piece of this jewellery is utterly unique, and very special. 


Care and FAQ

While the natural form is strengthened by the electroforming process, this jewellery is still fragile, so please treat your new wearable art with care.  Do not submerge, or expose to perfumes or chemicals.  Clean with a soft dry cloth.  Copper can leave a blue stain on skin depending on your skins natural chemistry.  This is natural and harmless.  Most pieces have been sealed to help prevent this.