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genuine leather briefcase: satchels, laptop bags, travel luggage, belts, wallets, boots, jackets
Leather was one of the first materials discovered by humans to be able to be manipulated and worked. Indeed, there is evidence leather clothing has been worn since the paleolithic era. As culture developed more and more complexity in art, symbolism and religion, animal skins have also been used to denote wealth, power and to imbue their wearer with the strength of their original animal owner.

Indeed, it is easy to think of men’s fashion as being less exciting than women’s, but throughout history this has not been true. Men’s fashion has often reflected social and political zeitgeist of the time or has been used to show adherence to a certain social, religious or political groups. Throughout time there have been endless variations made in all manner of materials - wool, silk, metal; leather has frequently been a crucial ingredient of these outfits…demonstrations of loyalty to certain subcultures. Think punk bands and bikers to name but a few recent examples. Nowadays, the techniques developed in tanning, dyeing and finishing skins has allowed leather to become one of the premium materials for luxury goods, clothing, footwear and accessories such as a genuine leather briefcase or wallet.

We try to curate a selection of stylish options, created with care, in natural fibres for our discerning gents. We choose from quality brands that we hand pick for their cut, quality materials and stylish design. We also try to be ecologically aware, and ethically source all our goods. As an example, consider the knitwear we get from New Zealand producers; the introduction of Australian possums to New Zealand habitats has led vast damage to the delicate ecosystems of our nearest neighbours. Protected here, possums are hunted widely in New Zealand (the New Zealand government has the ambitious aim of wiping out the estimated 70 million strong population). The fur is an unusual hollow fibre, making it super lightweight to wear, but one of the warmest and most insulating fibres on earth (behind polar bear and arctic fox). It is 35% warmer than cashmere and 55% more insulating than merino wool. The fur has a short fibre so is spun with one of New Zealand’s biggest exports- high quality merino wool, and silk giving one of the softest and most wearable cloths we have found.  You can also rest easy knowing that you are wearing a garment that is helping eradicate one of the most destructive pests introduced to New Zealand, it is ethically hunted and not farmed, is harvested from renewable sources and looks great as well.

At Lake Leather we look for quality of both manufacturing and materials as we source our gents’ collection of footwear and accessories. We have a great range of products for the gents, too. We choose our products for style, quality and value for money. We stock men’s clothing from R.M. Williams, Thomas Cook, Swandri and more. Our range of men’s accessories is extensive, from card wallets to slippers, from genuine leather briefcases to belts. Lake Leather brings the timeless style and warmth of leather to any man's wardrobe.