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Badgery - Queenslander- Double Ring Kangaroo Hide Plaited Belt

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Badgery Belts make the best kangaroo plaited belts we have found.  They are hand plaited in Queensland by this great family business.  The tan colour is matched with a solid brass buckle, and the black is matched with a nickel plated brass buckle.

Kangaroo leather is, weight for weight, the strongest leather in the world, making it ideal for plaited belts.  The hide can be cut into 3mm wide thongs and still retain remarkable tensile strength.  

This belt fastens with a traditional double ring closure.  Pass the belt through both rings, then pass back over and through the front ring.  The plait is flipped at the point end of the belt so when it is fastened the grain side of the hide is displayed.

Belt size is 2 inches bigger than your pant size.